Monday, 29 March 2010

Up North...

Upon still searching for an industry placement for next year, a York based graphic design agency offered a brief to me aimed at graduates. As well as this initially being an exciting prospect, it is also a prime opportunity to expand the ole portfolio. The brief...  is to create a cover design and 3 feature spreads for a consumer facing lifestyle magazine titled "Up North." It is to appeal to a broad demographic of 20-60 age group/all socio-economic profiles.  Having already sketched up a potential cover, I am still looking for inspiration for the style and theme of the magazine. The images below are some sources of artistic inspiration that I might choose to apply. Currently I think what I have produced primarily appeals to a 20-30ish age band, as I'm quite accustomed to a youthful grungy look in terms of typography and photography. Producing something that appeals to a 4o year age range is quite challenging to say the least, although on the up side, the less constraints the better. Besides, I'm enjoying this distraction away from uni work (which I am struggling to get back into)

This is something I sketched up myself and altered just as an experiment for the mag..


I love this image. The simplicity it has and the daily familiarity it possesses communicates many things to me. Post-its are designed for the intent of aiding and remembering a simple thought, something normally considered to be fairly basic and straight forward. Yet here in this image,  elements of its function and communication are completely juxtaposed. My post-its normally consist of 'to-do' lists, email addresses, dates to remember or even a random quote. Currently there are 6 stuck on my wall and with no intention of being removed anytime soon. This image challenges and voices deeper elements we tend to graze over on a daily basis. It shares and emphasizes a raw quality which in effect exposes ourselves. The post-its here state one word. Often very strong blunt words which hold a variety of connotations. Could this image be simply daring to challenge what we all might rather want to hide and dismiss?

Long time no see

So it's been awhile since my last post, however this has led to a huge bundle of things I've kept and stumbled across and then crammed into one folder. An assortment of mainly digital art, photographs and sketches caught my eye. There are some really incredibly made examples and some inspirational pieces too.

Monday, 1 March 2010


I love ambient advertising. It has an unusual power to really make you stop and think at times if it is used effectively. There are some funny examples and informative examples, take a look and see what you think to some favourites of mine...