Thursday, 7 January 2010

Memories for a cause

DAHRA, Designers Against Human Rights Abuse has teamed up with Subism to work on a charity venture that raises money for Cancer research. An art book of 12 stories by people who have lost a loved one to cancer or survived it themselves. The memories featured are accompanied with an illustration and related themes. Each story is representative of a day in the struggle with cancer. Their are currently 10 stories filled, and the project organisers are welcoming 2 more submissions from any designer/illustrator. You can submit these at All proceeds from sales go to a cancer charity.


If there's something to aspire to in motion graphics, then this is most certainly it. James Cameron equals genius. I cannot stress enough, how truly impressive the cinematography and effects are in this 3D movie. Two words, MUST WATCH. You will not understand till you have! Once you accept the closeness of the machine guns being fired into your face and the crazy forest creatures pouncing on you in the dark, you naturally adjust to 'not being in the way anymore' so to speak. Having said that, the film was so intense that my Mum got severe motion sickness and had to leave an hour before it finished. I know that doesn't sound too delightful and positive, so perhaps avoid it if you can't even deal with being on a boat, although it's totally worth it.

I admire the art direction employed, where the two worlds blend perfectly, which further entices the viewer into a virtual feeling and experience. Mauro Fiore is apparently the guy to praise in this graphic madness, and it would seem more than reasonable to reward him with a lovely Cinematography Oscar in 2010.  A review by Clayton Davis from the imdb movie database, critques 'it was as if the viewer sat down in a chair, put on glasses, and was literally placed on Pandora, spaceships, and floating mountains. The viewer can feel so engulfed by the imagery, you feel like you can smell the leaves from the trees. Avatar is utterly hynoptizing.'

So, fancy watching the trailer then? 2D will have to suffice for now though, but you will not be disappointed!


This months 'Computer Arts' magazine (Jan Issue 2010) really caught my eye being packed full with such numerous and striking things. Kicking off the year in an engaging tone, one of the first articles to stand out to me was the 'Meet Pirates'. The Moniker Pirates are a design team creative in the fields of street-style art, handcrafted imagery, photography and video. It really comes across they have fun and enjoy their work. Their work is expressive with occassional messages, and always playful. Here are some examples...

A particular favourite of mine, and here is a time lapse video of its production.

The image below was created with the intent of promoting the group themselves along with their work. They painted a mural and then turned that into a CIA logo. The set-style composition infront of it is to again suggest their promotion intent. It seems such a good way to literally demonstrate what your all about as a designer(s) whilst combining and illustrating this well through a personal logo. Is it not a witty way to prove to clients that not only can you talk the talk, but you can definately walk the walk? Inspiring stuff.

Watch its production unravel... except I can't help but wince about 1.45 minutes in, seems such a waste to cover up..