Thursday, 26 November 2009

Ancient meets modern

Perhaps one of the most bizzare graffiti pieces I've seen is The Graffiti Project held at Kelburn Castle up in Scotland. A fairytale castle needing renovation provided an unexpected canvas for a group of playful artists. The brief read "take the vibrant and often transient art form of Brazilian graffiti out of its predominantly urban context and apply it to the ancient and permanent walls of an historic rural castle in Scotland." So with this in mind, I guess you could say a wonder was created. David Boyle the director of the Project said the idea grew out of the knowledge that the "concrete harling of the building had to be stripped off, as it was damaging the stone underneath." The surface of the castle had opportunity written all over it, excuse the pun. The type of images created are mystical in nature and combine a surreal fantastical world. Produced by 4 brazilian artists, were made to live together in the castle for upto a month where all ideas could be explored and collaborated. The sheer extent of detail particularly round the windows and shaping of the building are very central to the overall design. A highly complex composition of colours and layers stand proud off the stone. Here's a timelapse clip of the beginnings of production:

Is this piece disrespecting historical property or is it embracing modern culture? Visit the site and see what you think...

Someone's had their Weetabix!

How can you not love this advert?! It's comic genius that projects a clear message whilst still appealing and maintaining engagement with its audience. Surely every advertiser's dream! This recent advert created for the Weetabix company is quite lengthy in time scale, and there seems to be little indication as to where the advert is going, other than the fact that the jockey we're all routing for is unlikely to win the race. The advert succeeds in using hidden visual messages to communicate the product more. For example, the jockey's clothing is deliberately in yellow and blue connecting it to the Weetabix brand colours. A very subtle and pleasing effect. As the audience, we are led on a journey throughout the advert and made to emotionally identify with the commentors seen in the clip, who when captured demonstrate their suspense and excitment as the Ad progresses. Further allowing us to simultaneously mimick their actions without even realising it. It was through facebook status' infact that I heard about this advert being broadcast. So many people commented on how hilarious it was and how much they wanted a bowl of Weetabix. What more could you ask for? A talking horse, a speedy-gonzalas jockey and dramatic orchestral music leaves the viewer entertained and the advert memorable for all the right reasons. How much did you like it?

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Ed Hardy

Forgetting how amazing and eye-catching these designs are, I found myself looking to buy a hoodie of this kind. In the end I couldn't decide, or I would have ended up buying all of them. So for my bank balance's sake, I dodged a black hole. Made for both men and women, are now currently branching out into what is called 'lifestyle' and therefore reinforcing the brands appeal and message even further. Umbrella's, toys, hip flasks and more alike are just some included in this large expansion of products. The nature of the designs are strong in character and elude a great sense of freedom and style. The skill and intricacy which has gone into producing them is impressive and they demonstrate multiple layering of illustrations as well as colourful contrasts. Still, perhaps splashing out on a cotton hoody at $198.00 can not be justified not matter how unique looking and customised it is.  What do you think? Visit the site at 

Northern soul. Mate, keep the faith!

Why is it, that as each day draws closer towards the run up to Christmas that we start to feel run down, drained, fed up and make feeble attempts to try keep going? We know it's nearly impossible to stay motivated and possess the same level of drive we had back in september. So, you would think surely if it's only a few weeks away until the holidays then there must be something enjoyable to look forward to even if it is just simply staying in bed the entire time. (Actually can't say that's a bad idea.) However, running on an endless conveyor belt of demanding work which appears only to be picking up speed as we go along, isn't actually getting us anywhere much quicker. Instead I think most would agree we are nothing more than a heap on the floor, burnt out. So where is this going apart from being what probably sounds like a mardy rant? Well, I thought I'd just mention how surprisingly uplifted I felt again (even if it was momentary) when I saw the Poster "Northern Soul, Keep the Faith." Recognised as a popular renowned image either through t-shirt design of poster decor, it may as well have spoken and told me to "man the f*** up." Which it did. Maybe it bared more resonance than I initially realised being 'northern' myself. A simple image and a simple message can sometimes hit harder and communicate better depending on your emotional state. I'm hoping more of the same kind will grab my attention in the same way these last few weeks...

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Spanish Detail

The artist and spanish illustrator Gary Fernandez is certainly one for crafting incredible and complicated graphic images. Working exclusively in Photoshop and FreeHand, alongside a 17" MacBook Pro and a Wacom intuos3 6x8 graphics tablet, I think it's safe to say that this guy certainly knows what he's doing and how to make an impression. I for one, am left in awe at the high skill and execution of these works. I find myself staring long and hard at the smallest of detail before being boggled by the rest of the image. Elements of fantasy, erotica, animal and futuristic themes can be detected suggesting further mystical qualities to the imagery. His site is definitely worth a look! Furthermore, his client list expands over some truly well known brand names including the likes of Coca Cola, Nokia and Camel, and has appeared in many magazines and books. This is where I originally first caught a glimpse of his fascinating work.